3 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Artificial Intelligence

Fields affected by artificial intelligence (AI) are expanding from year to year. Artificial intelligence has become the dominant force that influences business success. According to the data provided by Marketing Profs, companies that use AI have 59% better transaction rates, 58% higher revenues, 54% higher engagement and 52% more conversions. Therefore, it is clear why entrepreneurs choose to take advantage of all the benefits that AI offers.

Thanks to artificial intelligence systems which are integrated into search engines, it is possible to quickly and easily access large amounts of user data, enabling the right message to be provided at the right time, on the right platform, to the right person. In this way, the communication with customers is personalized, which allows you to guide them through their shopping path. It is therefore obvious that the adequate application of artificial intelligence in modern business is what will help you create a competitive advantage.

Full data personalization 

The success of digital marketing largely depends on the way you communicate with a potential customer,  the kind of message you deliver to them, the tone you use, the type of products they are interested in, as well as the price they are willing to pay. Many companies personalize their websites, emails, social media posts and other content through AI systems so that they can optimize their content for each individual user.

Every company’s goal is growth, but at some point, it will be too expensive and almost impossible to manage a huge amount of customer data manually. In addition to reducing the possibility of human error, AI also provides a detailed insight into customer behavior, which enables the prediction of their future activities. Thanks to a large amount of data, AI enables the creation of digital avatars which contributes to more efficient advertising and the overall improvement of the user experience.

Digital avatar

In the background of various platforms, such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, there are AI services that collect huge amounts of data about each user and create digital avatars. These avatars help marketing specialists become better aware of the needs of potential customers, allowing them to provide customized recommendations that suit customers’ interests, online activities, and budgets.

Another way of working with artificial intelligence is PUI (Passive User Interface), which uses machine learning techniques to observe user behavior on their digital devices. This data is later used to adapt the consumer experience, and design personalized content and recommendations. For example, Spotify uses data from treadmills to customize song playlists for its users.

In addition to collecting huge amounts of data, artificial intelligence can quickly analyze and classify the information received. This allows the brands to group their potential customers, to initiate interaction, and influence customers’ purchasing decisions. 

More effective advertising 

Thanks to the data collected by AI systems, the optimization of online marketing campaigns is significantly facilitated. In addition to data on the geographical origin, demographic and social characteristics of consumers, artificial intelligence systems that work in the background of numerous platforms integrate the entire users’ search and all their online activities. In this way, marketers can conduct a detailed analysis of a customer, which helps them guide the customer to the next logical step on their purchase path.

This kind of predictive analytics makes it easier to target and reduce the cost of investing in campaigns that will have no effect. If we take into account that Facebook, Google and Amazon control about 70% of the total money spent on digital ads in the US, it is clear why marketers choose precisely these platforms for their PPC campaign. Therefore, AI systems work for you by providing you with a number of options and suggestions when creating ads, which you can tailor to your own goals to produce maximum effects. Some useful platforms that use machine learning to optimize online campaigns on social networks are:

  • Pattern 89 – a tool that, based on detailed data analysis, allows you to predict which campaign can bring the best results before it even starts. Pattern 89 acts as an assistant that gives you creative solutions such as copies, visuals, CTA, guaranteeing their efficiency.
  • Persado – software that collects a large amount of data through each campaign on social networks and based on that data, performs detailed optimization and provides more efficient content.

Improved user experience

User experience is extremely important for your website’s proper functioning. Research shows that thanks to smart personalization, AI improves user experience by as much as 61%. Have you ever had Amazon offer you a product that you need and that you are willing to buy?

This is the work of an AI ​​system that, based on users’ online habits and interests, recommends products they might find interesting, through push notifications.

This data can be especially useful in email marketing because, instead of spamming, they contribute to building users’ trust. The algorithm can obtain data based on:

  • interactions on the site
  • time spent on a particular page
  • interests of similar visitors
  • wish lists
  • popularity of certain content
  • previously read blogs

Thanks to this information, AI systems not only allow you to significantly improve user experience, but they also help you create better quality emails, which increases the rate of openings and clicks and leads to your email campaign achieving better results.

Better quality content and SEO

Artificial intelligence, integrated into search engines, evaluates the authenticity and relevance of certain content before introducing it to users. Thanks to AI systems, the quality of the content you share with users is at a much higher level. AI systems, aiming to respond to the requirements of the target audience, significantly contribute to SEO analysis, facilitate the implementation of an adequate strategy and improve content quality. For example, Google relies on a large number of developed AI systems in order to improve user experience in online search, so that it provides the best results for a specific search. This company is developing an increasing number of different tools which are aiming to achieve more precise positioning of content on the site, image optimization, video and code validation.

In this way, artificial intelligence affects your website positioning on the search engine, by providing information about its relevance and quality. In addition, there are artificial intelligence systems that make it easier to create content. They help you make an adequate choice of keywords and make sure that the entire context you create precisely responds to a search query. Besides evaluating the quality of your content, AI also helps you create content thanks to the huge amount of data it collects on your target audience. Optimizing content according to the guidelines you get through these algorithms will certainly help you stand out in an increasingly competitive environment.

There are various tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques that Google uses to optimize content placed on the Internet. Some of them are:

  • Google RankBrain – an algorithm that monitors whether and to what extent users are satisfied with the search results obtained and, based on that, gradually changes techniques, until the test of user satisfaction is at a positive level.
  • Cloud Vision – software used by Google to identify inappropriate content in photos. In addition, this software can recognize the camera model, resolution, location and time when the photo was taken.

As you can see, AI allows search engines to accurately read your content, determine its originality, relevance, and level of optimization for online search, and, based on that, rank them accordingly. Therefore, by applying artificial intelligence when creating content for your own website, you can significantly improve the success of your online business.

More efficient analysis of trends and competition

In addition to artificial intelligence helping you get to know your target audience better, this advanced software collects large amounts of data on your competition and current trends in your field.

By researching competition, you can find out which content and services are doing well, what is in demand, which tools your competition uses and what are the current trends in your business field. This way, you will discover what your advantages and disadvantages are in relation to your competition and the current market, as well as how to adjust your marketing strategy to improve the way you do business.

Apart from collecting all this data, AI systems allow you to visualize the current needs of potential customers, but also to predict the future ones. This way, artificial intelligence allows you to prepare for what is to come and provide the right solutions to consumers when they are ready for them.

Bonus: How to improve your business by using artificial intelligence?

Another way to implement all this is marketing automation. It is a process that, based on a large amount of data collected, automatically does the work for you by directing personalized content to your potential customers. This increases productivity because you get more time to deal with other aspects of your business.

Automation allows you to create better-targeted campaigns that go through multiple communication channels, ensuring a personalized experience for each user.

Marketing automation is the future of online business. However, this process requires a lot of knowledge and experience. If you need someone to implement this revolutionary system that will allow you to be one step ahead of the others, call us and we will be happy to help.

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