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Automation – What is it and why it is good for your business

If you are a dedicated business owner who’s serious about building an impressive online presence for your brand, chances are, you’ve already heard about marketing automation.

Today, there are several methods, processes, and tools out there that help you achieve better online marketing results and oftentimes, business owners find themselves overwhelmed to find those that really bring results to them and help them achieve their online goals.

Marketing automation’s baby steps can be traced back to the previous decade. As a cornerstone of a digital marketing strategy, its initial intent was to both business owners and marketers stay more consistent within their online ecosystem, more focused, balanced, and streamlined while sending out the right message and building their brands.

If you are new to automation marketing, we’ve compiled a list with every possible benefit.

What is marketing automation

Marketing automation can be best defined as a process that uses different tools and technology to automatically carry out repetitive marketing tasks, improve productivity, measure campaign performance and maximizing potential efficiency by minimizing manual processes.

This can all sound a bit overwhelming and weird, however, it’s a lot simpler than it actually looks.

These tools and processes can help you automate anything from simple email newsletters to complex, omni-channel marketing campaigns. The ultimate goal of these processes is to generate not just traffic, but engagement and customer acquisition as well.

Automation at the same time enables marketing teams to spend more time on creative tasks, like business development, coming up with better strategies, workflow determination, and marketing mapping.

According to the data available, around 48% of marketers use at least one automated marketing application and indicate that this trend will only grow.

The benefits of marketing automation

It’s clear now that marketers and business owners could benefit a great deal from using automation tools. In this section, will give you a better look at the concrete advantages you can gain by their implementation into your everyday online marketing processes.

They Boost Company Productivity

Using these tools minimize human error when it comes to manual and repetitive tasks, and at the same time, enables your staff (or you) to focus on other things that help your brand building and business scaling efforts. The automation of repetitive tasks and audience engagement workflows can give you and your employees more time to concentrate on tasks that are more critical.

Simply put, marketing automation enables you to get more done in less time.

Better ROI And Acquisition Metrics

There’s a point in every company’s life when it grows to the point that keeping track of all customers and metrics manually becomes impossible, especially with a cost-effective approach. The resulting chaos can drop competitive edge, diminish return on investment efforts, and can possibly derail the company’s expansion efforts, not to mention, employees will also be dissatisfied because their prowess is reduced to monitoring menial and mindless, repetitive tasks, simply just to keep the company afloat. Automation can enable you to keep a better track of your results, to identify where you need room for improvement in your marketing processes, and enables you to keep your cost-effective approach to what it was intended to be – cost-effective.

Automation also gives you a more detailed insight into customer behavior, enabling you to adapt to changes better and thus, maximizing your potential to closing more sales in the future.

Personalized, Omni-Channel Campaigns For Customers

This one is crucial for every business if they want to stay afloat in the digital realm. Today, if businesses wish to seal the deal with their audience online, they have to grab their attention and keep it that way.

Today’s campaigns have to be highly personalized and must be pushed on several channels to ensure that potential buyers will make a purchase. The combination of AI learning and modern tools, automation software is better equipped to personalize the ways your audience connects with your brand, i.e. helps optimize the way your message gets to them.

With the right tools, automation can help you come up not only with the optimal path to your audience but can help you with delivering the best possible content to them as well.

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Improved Performance Measurement

Monitoring performance is also a crucial part of every online marketing strategy. It not only helps companies give better insight into how their current campaigns perform. Automated marketing strategies also track metrics, enabling you to tweak your processes on the go, or during your next campaign.

In the long run, this feature can help you create more optimized campaigns that will result in better conversion rates and ultimately, generate more profit for your business.

Enhanced Customer Acquisition, Retention and Brand Development

All successful brands have at least one thing in common: satisfied customers.

With personalized journeys to your brand, your prospect won’t only visit your site but will stay and continue to purchase from you. Automation can help you offer your products in the most optimized way.

As a plus, automation enables brands to include customer acquisition and retention as regular campaign management features, because engagement, interactions, and follow-ups are streamlined better and taken care of.

With such a streamlined system, not only can you get a better use of your SEO and paid ad campaigns, you can help convert your leads into sales. Customers who then keep interacting with your brand will find it more than satisfactory because the automation systems enable them to freely purchase in a way that suits them the most. Slowly, they become your brand ambassadors, unintentionally helping you gain even more ground on the market.

Putting it all together

Simply put, automation can help you streamline and simplify your digital marketing strategy in a cost-effective way, that doesn’t only leave you with more time on your hands to focus on other aspects of your business, but at the same time, ensures that you are getting the most out of your campaigns.

They can take the weight off of your shoulders when it comes to customer interaction and metric-tracking.

And what’s most important, they help you acquire and retain customers, ultimately growing your brand and helping it stand out from the rest.

Are you ready to embrace what automation holds for your business? Or, would you like to learn more about these processes? Reach out and let’s talk.

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