When is hiring a digital marketing agency the best move for you

Pinpointing the best marketing strategy for your business online is a tough decision and as such, it can have a dramatic effect on your overall monetary metrics down the line. One of these hard decisions to make is choosing between an in-house marketing team and a dedicated agency to do the marketing for you while you can dedicate your time to focus on product and/or service development or simply just growing your brand.

All in all, this shouldn’t be a hard decision to make since, in most cases, businesses clearly have a greater benefit from hiring a professional company to take care of their marketing efforts, and in this article, we’re going to give you a few indicators when and why should you dial up your trustiest team of marketers next time you need to launch an online campaign instead of making it happen in-house. 

Cost and time-effective 

Simply put, you don’t have to pay the entire salary of a marketer (or marketers, for that matter), instead, you can get the same package in the form of full marketing packages for fixed fees. Also, if you take a look at how high can marketer salaries crawl, it’s clear that you have to pay a lot less for the same service, plus you don’t have to hassle with sick days, health care benefits, paid vacation days, training costs, etc. 

Honestly, you don’t even have to go over the time-consuming recruitment procedures as you would with potential employees. Instead, you can simply schedule a meeting with a representative and get down to business as soon as possible. 

You get more bang for the buck 

Hiring a serious agency oftentimes means that you’re getting a professional team of dedicated SEO specialists, social media marketers, web designers, content specialists, and graphic designers. These professionals all have adequate training and the required experience to drive the desired results. Not to mention, they are also able to develop a marketing strategy that would best fit your company’s needs. 

Finding good help can be extremely hard  and most companies don’t have the luxury of waiting for “perfect fits”. They need marketing results, and agencies can deliver just that.

This doesn’t mean that hiring an entire in-house team can’t be a good idea, however, when you choose to outsource, you can rest assured that all of your professional requirements are met. Also, you don’t have to hassle with things like training for your team and you don’t need to hassle with extra facilities as well, to set your new team a dedicated headquarters. 

On the other hand, if you think that your existing employees can take up some of these marketing duties, think again. Dumping extra tasks on your existing staff will only lead to burnout and reduced productivity, not to mention unwanted conflicts and even people leaving your company.


Tools, training, and experience 

The best digital marketing strategies often require the best premium online marketing systems and tools, which aren’t open-source nor free. Some of them can be purchased once, others require a monthly payment plan. 

If you choose to run your own team, you have to be prepared to buy all these tools. On the other hand, if you choose outsourcing, you’ll get every benefit from these tools within the fixed agency fee, not having to worry about outdated software versions, expired subscriptions and so on. 

One other benefit of outsourcing is that you don’t need to train agencies. Their professionals are all experienced, knowledgeable and up-to-date in the fine art of digital marketing. Plus, if you are going with a reputable company, you can rest assured that the agency staff is ready and eager to take up new challenges, clients with different needs and from different niches. 

Apart from that, reputable agencies invest in their methods and strategies and test them before they offer them as services. This means by outsourcing, you’ll always use the latest, tested methods that work, without having to go through the entire testing and learning phase yourself. 

Better scaling options

In most cases, if you want to scale your marketing efforts with your in-house team, your only option is hiring more people. 

When you work with an agency, scaling is a lot simpler since agencies already have the necessary manpower to employ a bigger strategy and to put more effort into your brand development.

Scaling can also mean trying something new for your business. With an in-house team, chances are, a few members aren’t really familiar with everything, meaning they need additional training before you can employ the balder strategy. Agency teams already have the knowledge and experience so you can drive better results faster and more efficiently. 

To sum it up 

Hopefully, after reading this article you have a better understanding of when and why it’s better to hire a marketing agency than running an entire in-house team. It’s more effective, faster and can yield better results in the majority of cases. 

It’s not to say that in-house teams are obsolete. Huge, global enterprises can clearly benefit from a team of dedicated marketers, but for most companies out there, agencies drive more and better results. 

Furthermore, sometimes combining the industry knowledge of an agency and the in-depth perspective of an in-house marketer or a team can prove to be even more fruitful.

Would you like to see how professional digital marketing services can benefit your company? If yes, feel free to contact us so we can arrange a meeting. 

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