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Which social network is ideal for my business

“You know … my job is specific …”.

 This is certainly one of those sentences I hear most when talking to my clients. And indeed, that is true. Every job is specific. It has specific clients, a specific way of communication, and even needs specific social networks you can use for online promotion.

 One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to be present on all social networks. This is absolutely not true. I don’t see the value in wasting money, time, and energy on social networks that just aren’t for your business or if your prospects aren’t there.

 Especially because of this, I have prepared 3 quick tips for you to help you choose the social networks you can use to promote your business online that will yield the best results and the best return on your investment. 

 Be where your customers are

 This is the first rule when choosing which social network to include in your online marketing strategy. If your customers are on Facebook and you are supposed to be there. If they are using Instagram your pictures on Instagram should be high-quality, if you are tied to a single location then Google Maps should also be included in your general marketing strategy,….

 The essence of marketing is communication, so just being present on the right social network can open up a new communication channel for you. Use it wisely.

 Content is what the business does

Content is the king – always and always will be.

 The methods of communication have changed significantly. We are all overwhelmed with information, so we began to ignore advertising messages on an unconscious level. Consequently, the value of creating quality content has become even more important.

 Social media is not a place for cruel promotion. These platforms are the place where you tell stories and interact with your current or potential clients. Offer them value, helpful advice, or a solution to their problem and your voice will be heard far and wide, and step by step, you will build trust, expertise and your own brand, which is a prerequisite for driving successful online sales.

 Customize communication to each social network separately

Social networks are not all the same, and people use certain networks for certain reasons. For example, you cannot use LinkedIn’s highly business-oriented social network to display photos from your last summer vacation. This should be reserved for your private account on Facebook or Instagram (on LinkedIn you would be ridiculed right away).

It’s also not a good idea to place identical content on different social networks. Primarily because the way you communicate on different networks varies significantly, and on the other hand, if you want your posts to be optimized, the dimensions of your photos will vary from network to network (see the dimensions of photos for different social networks here).

The best practice is to tailor your communication style, photo types, and topics to the desires, needs, and spirit of the social network you are on.

There’s lots of info out there (and on our website) where you can learn more about social networks, and which ones should niche-specific businesses use. You can also find tips and tricks to push the right content to make your marketing efforts more fruitful.

Let me know in the comments what social networks you use to promote your business and what type of content has brought you the greatest effects to grow your business.

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